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Chairman’s Letter
10:09 12/10/18

Dear Customers, Shareholders, and Partners,

FLC Group Joint Stock Company would like to extend to you our best regards.

FLC Group was founded with the ambition of becoming a Vietnamese enterprise of international stature, operating in finance, real estates, golf resorts, airline, high-tech agriculture, financial investment, education, and healthcare, etc.

Our development heretofore has showcased a keen business acumen and an appetite for risk-taking. FLC Group’s three A’s: “ACUTE”, “ADVENTUROUS” and “ACTIVE” vividly characterize our company’s mindset in pursuing new ventures.

The biggest challenge for FLC Group at the moment is expanding our multisector business engagement while keeping operation profitable and agile against potential volatility in the market. To that end, our modus operandi focuses on sustainability with a long-term vision for each of our vertical businesses.

There would be no adventure without venture. To ensure success in such endeavours, FLC Group strives for a culture where the entrepreneurial spirit of the millenial generation is guided by the battle-tested experience of senior experts.

The corporate culture of FLC Group also embodies our collective identity, one which seeks not only to be the best at what we are doing, but also to contribute meaningfully to the communities we operate in and the society at large.

Every member of FLC Group always bears in mind that our present and future success is, and will be, contingent on the trust, companionship and collaboration of all our invaluable Customers, Shareholders and Partners.

At 18 years of establishment, we reaffirm our pledge to be an all-round corporation, to bring benefits to our customers, shareholders, partners, and our nation.

Chairman of the Board of Executives